1950 - Born in Northern Bulgaria

1974 - Graduated from The Higher Institute of Engineering, Rousse, Bulgaria, majoring machine engineering

1976 - 1985 - works as a technical manager and a manager of a factory

1984 - Premiere of his first play "That Thing"

1985 - 1989 - studies drama in the National Academy for Theatrical and Film Art

1989 - Named Playwright of the Year with 40 productions of his plays on the theatrical stages throughout Bulgaria.

1990 - Premiere of the first film based on his screenplay "That Thing"

1990 - Began participating on a regular basis as a political satirist in one of the most famous TV shows in Bulgaria.

1996 - Won the state subsidy for shooting the film "The Colonel Bird" after his script

1996 - An author and a host in his own TV show

1996 - Ran for President of the Republic of Bulgaria. The allotted TV time was used for a mocking political happening (30 successive days in prime time).Won approximately 2% of the votes

1997 - Awarded the British Council International Playwriting Awards for Best Play in the Intentional Playwriting Competition for the play "The Colonel Bird". The play was selected from a pool of 400 plays from all over the world. The prize was bestowed on him in the Royal National Theatre in London by Harold Pinter. As of now the play has been staged more than 100 times in more then 30 countries worldwide

1999 - FESTIVAL D'AVIGNON, "The Colonel Bird" was presented in the program of the festival with 15 performances by"Theatre de la Commune d'Aubervilliers", Paris

1999 - Awarded the prestigious Italian theatre award Premio "Enrico Maria Salerno" per la drammaturgia Europea, 5 Edizione

2000 - BONNER BIENNALE - 2000 - "The Colonel Bird" was presented in the program of the festival by the "Pleven" theatre

2000 –a gotfather of „Festival for New European Play- Wiesbaden Biennale” since 2000

2006 – president of the „Assotiation of The Bulgarian Playwrights”

2009 – “GOLDEN MASK”- Moscow -The Colonel Bidr" was presented at   the most prestigious  Russian  fesival by Samara Academic Drama Theatre

Hristo Boytchev'is plays have been staged in more than 40 countries on the five continents. His latest plays are "The Colonel and The Birds" - a female version of "The Colonel Bird", "The Titanic Orchestra" "District Hospital" , the monodrame „Pfenomena” and "Igloo". He obtained a Copyright from Εκδόσεις Καζαντζάκη to write a play „Zorba The Greek” on the famous N.Kazanzakis novel and “The Great Gatsby” as well.